Standalone- Music & Anti-Piracy

Standalone-Music is currently an independent one man company run with the help of a few friends, we spend countless amount of hours on our products, we are driven by the passion for music and by the passion to create new things that will help you get inspired and make better music wether it’s sound libraries or instruments.
Despite money not being the reason we do what we do, we, like everybody else have to deal with bills and everyday life costs.

The legal purchase of (music) software and Library by end users is a core concern for us. This is based on the following convictions: Software companies and Sound Designers deserve to be paid for their hard work – as do the customers and the users. Developers, dealers and users – we’re all in the same boat, and for all of us, our success relies on security and fair play.

The overwhelming majority of musicians wouldn’t dream of equipping their studios with stolen instruments. We believe that this should also apply to equipping your computer with illegal software and sound libraries.

Purchasing legal software also contributes to a broad social responsibility and to retaining jobs. By paying duties and taxes, software companies in turn contribute to financing the countries and the communities in which they are based.

This is why we say: Do the right thing: Buy the software and sounds you use.
What are the disadvantages of using illegal software and sound libraries? What are the advantages of purchasing legal software and sound libraries?

Illegal download doesn’t just come with the risk of running into legal problems (prosecution under civil and criminal law), it is also often infected with dangers for your security and privacy. Viruses, trojans or keyloggers, which can access highly sensitive personal information like bank data and passwords, are often included within illegal software or in key generators.

In addition, users of illegal software also have no way to benefit from updates and expansions, and no access to technical support. In short, the functionality and stability of the software is affected, making it unsuitable for any kind of professional or semi-professional use.

We thank you for your understanding and we cannot wait to hear what great things you will create with our products!