Standalone-Music on the App Store !

Finally, after months of beta testing, photoshopping and sound designing, the app store approved and made available the synth by the developing company “Tempo Rubato“, the Nlog Synth version 2.
I have been involved on this project as graphic designer as well as sound designer and I have to say I’m extremely proud and satisfied of the result !

Nlog 2 is a professional grade synthesizer in your pocket with extreme value featuring :

- Real Polyphony
- Over one hundred parameters and options
- More than your beloved hardware synths might offer
- Store up to 96 own edits in 3 user banks
- Exchange sounds with your friends by email
- Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality
- Internal 32bit floating point engine
- Fully customizable keyboard to your personal style
- Optional velocity control
- Fully customizable EXPRESSION CONTROL
- Realistic PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL implementation
- X/Y two dimensional controller
- Incredible UNISONO mode for up to 4 parallel sounds with detune, delay and panning control
- 2 Oscilators with 20 waveforms:
- classic analouge SIN, SAWTOOTH, TRIANLGE and SQUARE
- and 16 additional carefully designed wavetables
- True PWM pulsewidth modulation
- Modulated by LFO or envelope
- Frequency modulation
- Sinusoidal and complex waveforms
- Modulation by LFO and envelope
- Ring modulation
- The old school electronic effect
- Noise generator
- Individual modulation by LFO and evelope
- Incredible 7 filter types
- 2 Modulation LFOs
- Multi-effect section
And many other functions and features!!!

All I can say about this small but powerful and portable synth is that is a very helpful tool for musicians as me who travel a lot, I just plug the headphones no matter where I am and I can easily make sounds and find ideas to use when I’m in studio.