Standalone | Massive Soundset

If you are not familiar with Native Instruments Massive you probably can’t tell the reason of its name, but for all those who know this powerful synth, the name perfectly makes sense.
With this soundset Standalone-music delivers some of the finest patches available for this plugin, from wide pads, to catchy leads and then fat basses and complex sequences.
Standalone | Massive is the perfect sound bank for Trance, Progressive, House & Electro, and Hard Dance and features : 127 up to date patches, each with one or more macro controls assigned to quickly change and in some occasion completely change the character of the sound, full use of the tag and browse functions for cataloging the patches and quickly find them.
Standalone | Massive has all thats required to deserve the “Massive” attribute, don’t miss it!
For more info, download, and demos click HERE