the Acoustic Feedback:

the acoustic feedback is a project I started work on a few years ago, it s also been a subject for my final thesis at the sound design university.
We can easily say that modern age is driven by communication and media tools.
All data such as texts, videos, music, are broadcasted by a wide series of electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, PDAs etc.
All these devices need an interface to be easily used by everyone and to let the devices interact with humans, and messages to communicate messages to users.
"Acoustic feedback" is a wide research on the semantic meaning of sounds given by human perception and development of such sounds.
The project has been divided in 6 different stages : Study of psychoacoustic and semantic meanings of sounds; study of the possibles devices they can be useful for and what modern technology allows us to do for interface developing; Studies on the 'shape' of sounds and how its envelope or tone changes for subjects the perception of its meaning; developing the sounds by designing & creating them with various synthesizers; testing on several subjects the efficiency of the created sounds and last, embedding and employ of the feedback sounds on interfaces as websites, operating systems for mobile phones and other several examples of "human-machine" environments that need acoustic feedback to communicate a message.
The "Acoustic Feedback" project it s constantly under development and research, it wants to be a depth study on the potential of feedback sounds and their psychoacoustic, a way to simplify the relationship between humans and machines, making things easily and most of all, a resource for those who are unable to take in and understand graphical messages as blind people, creating a universal language using sounds that doesn't need any knowledge of its rules, a direct access way of communication driven by human cognition.

the Acoustic open source:

The whole content of the "Acoustic Feedback" project will be downloadable for free on this website, the zip will contains all the sounds realized and reports of the studies and the researches done (Italian).
all this, was thought to be something as an opens source of sounds, that s why everyone will be free to enrich this library with his own sounds and researches, as has been said before, this project wants to be a way to create a universal language accessible to all, so the contribute by all those who want to take part of it will be precious.