Lennardigital Sylenth1 Factory Bank

is with an extremely pleasure that I write this news, finally after 3 months of hard work, moving knobs and faders and tweaking waves, I’m pleased to say that my bank of 128 patches for Sylenth 1 by Lennardigital is finally finished!
The Bank is going to be one of the factory banks contained in the release 2.2.3, no need to say that for me was such a big honor to be able to program this awesome synth, and is flattering to know that every single Sylenth 1 user will be able to mess around with my sounds :)
By going into a bit more technical side : the bank contains 128 patches, most of them will be “Electronic Dance Music oriented” but it will even contains some cool ambient sounds, recreations of sounds from a few vintage synths like Yamaha DX-7, Mini-Moog, Fender Rohdes and from some recent ones as : Roland Jp8000/8080,Access Virus and Clavia Nordlead, there will be some recreations of acustic instruments as well such as strings and organs, last but not least, some atmosphere sounds useful for sound design installations and scoring.
Official release date is still to be confirmed, keep checking this website, I will write something about as soon as I have some more news about it.
For more info about Sylenth 1, don t forget to check www.lennardigital.com.
The player above, is an mp3 demo that demonstrates some patches from this bank in action :