Fxpansion Strobe Soundset

145 Presets for Fxpansion D.CAM STROBE

Reviewed as “one of the best Strobe soundest to date”, the Standalone-Music | Strobe Soundset is huge and versatile 145 presets bank for the tiny but powerful synth by Fxpansion.
Many often confuse Strobe as a “bass only” synth but this soundset will prove you otherwise, the patches vary from rich lead sounds to sweet analogue pads, supersaw-like sounds to nasty dubstep sounds and of course a huge variety basses, making this bank extremely versatile and perfect for every kind of music you produce, wether it’s Electro, House, Trance, Dubstep, Pop or Hardstyle.
Each and every sound is mod-weel assigned, and this allows most of the sounds to change dramatically offering you even more sonic solutions and countless variables of the sound.
Each and every patch also takes full use of the tagging system in strobe, so you can find the type of sound you are looking for in a snap!
This soundset is definitely a must have for every producer looking for fresh and up to date sounds!
Make sure to download the FREE minibank to make sure the patches are 100% compatible with your DAW and to check out the audio or video demo


IMPORTANT: This soundset is designed for Strobe V1, it will NOT work properly on strobe 2 so please DO NOT purchase this if you own only strobe 2!
The audio demo has been exported with strobe oversample set to 8, if your oversample is set to 1 or 2 patches WILL sound different! Some sounds like the “JP” sounds or other sound with high Unisono & Voice number might cause cpu spikes (depending on your CPU power) please reduce the voices or set the realtime oversample to a lower value.
Version of Strobe is recommended for 100% patches compatibility.
Please check your junk mail after purchasing as many mail system flag the generated mail as spam, Before purchasing please download and use the demo bank to ensure compatability with your system. Patches provided in “.strobe”. Payments handled securely via PayPal. You MUST provide a valid e-mail address when purchasing for sending the full soundbank to. Delivery will be within 24 hour period. By purchasing soundbanks or downloading files from this website you agree to the Terms and Conditions .
Strobe is © Fxpansion Audio UK ltd. All rights reserved.